A little bit of Culchure

I have the amazing honour of writing for Culch.ie, a great Irish website dedicated to informing the masses about the latest pop cultural happening on our fair isle. This site is run by the exemplary Darren Byrne and has a great line-up of authors, who are truly wonderful people as well as being extraordinarily well-informed and funny. I try to post my best work there, that is to say what I consider my best work not that it’s actually any good but I’d like to think that some people enjoy it and I’m not completely wasting my time.

I have a regular column for movies showing each week called The Friday Feeling as well as a semi-regular column called Cool but Ultimately Pointless. CBUP is about new technology or innovations that are really interesting but will never amount to anything (in my opinion). The most recent CBUP was about Sony’s latest gizmo the PSP Go. There are numerous reason’s why this is pointless and I covered most of them in the post. I also try to review movies that I have been privileged to see before their Irish release date including Up and Adventureland.

Recently I’ve posted news stories about Doctor Who, the new International Amazon Kindle, He-Man and Barbie movies, the 61st Emmys, Monopoly City Stories, Facebook Lite, the A-Team movie cast as well as tributes to the late Keith Floyd and Patrick Swayze. I’ve also examined the modern obsession with 3D cinema as well as doing a feature on TV Bars.

I love Disney/Pixar and for Culch.ie I have posted about their forthcoming 2D feature The Princess and the Frog (twice) in addition to the review of Up. I’ve also examined the impact of the Marvel-Disney/Pixar merger.

I plan on writing a lot more and ideas are always buzzing around in my head. I’ve created this blog to post them all and weed out the good ones for a place I hope they’ll be appreciated, Culch.ie.


One Response to A little bit of Culchure

  1. Ronan says:

    Exemplary. Sure is. He’s sexy too. I’ve met him in the flesh.

    You’ve done a lot of great posts over there. You’re outdoing me, Goddamnit.

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